On the Saturday morning of my 30th birthday, I rolled out of bed and brewed a pot of coffee. I lazily browsed the web until the coffee was ready, and then I poured two cups, and brought one to the love of my life, who was still asleep.

Waking slowly, she wished me a Happy Birthday, thanked me for the coffee and told me I should jump into the shower.

“Why?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, she just pushed me into the shower. Minutes later, a minivan pulled up to the house and five of my closest friends poured out. At that point, I was basically kidnapped. After a day of white water rafting with the boys, we returned home in time to shower before heading to the fancy restaurant we were supposedly going to. Except there was no fancy restaurant, and when I got home, thirty or so people dressed in ’80s punk rock gear screamed surprise at me.

I spent the rest of the night talking, laughing and enjoying the company of my closest friends and family. At that moment, I felt truly blessed and thought of myself as the happiest man in the world.

The next morning, I woke up, not nearly as hung over as I’d expected to be and started reading various birthday cards. Amongst the various wishes, one in particular stood out to me. It read:

Health and happiness. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

I realized then that I had everything in my life that I needed to be the Happiest Man in the World, and that all I needed was a reminder, and that by the same token, there were probably quite a few people out there that could use the same reminder.

This site was created to be that reminder.

This should be at times educational, at times inspirational, and almost always deeply personal. For a man who has often been called a cynic, this will be a departure, but one that I hope will enrich my life as well as the life of many others.

Here’s hoping you’ll join me for the ride.

Image courtesy of mike