The Happiest Man in the World

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The Richest Man in China Isn’t Happy and I Feel for Him

Jack Ma is not happy

The richest man, in the most populous country in the world isn’t happy. In an interview with CNBC, Jack Ma, the founder of internet company, stated that the $28 billion dollars that came with his recent IPO haven’t made him happy, and in fact, have made him more stressed, tired and less happy. Once this interview was aired, the internet exploded with people calling Ma a variety of names,.. Read More

Happiness in the Cycle of Fulfillment of Needs

happiness cycle

Being happy is one of those things that seems like it shouldn’t be a lot of work, and yet, anyone who strives to live a happy life takes active steps towards that happiness. In order to figure out what needs to be done to be happy, we need to understand happiness, what it is and what it isn’t. We know right off the bat that happiness is more than just.. Read More

Why Cooking Makes Me Happy

  Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was a bachelor who cooked about every once in a blue moon. It wasn’t that I couldn’t cook (I spent enough time working in kitchens to figure that part out), or that I didn’t like cooking (once it stopped being a job), but rather I just never saw the benefit of spending so much time in the kitchen to prepare.. Read More