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How I Took Back My Time

Time spent pre and post kids

I spent a big chunk of my late twenties and early thirties trying to find the perfect time management recipe to lead me to the promised land of the ideal life (before that I was too busy being a slacker). I read books and articles with titles like: 17 Habits Of People Who Are Happy, Healthy And Successful! If You Want To Be Happy, Healthy And Successful, Start Doing These.. Read More

The Happy Documentary

Happy Documentary

This weekend I watched the documentary Happy. Released in 2011, Happy was apparently quite popular, but I hadn’t heard of it until it appeared in my Netflix recommended feed (part of me still finds it incredible that Netflix figured out that a guy that writes a blog called, “The Happiest Man in the World,” would be interested in the Happy documentary). The film interviews a slew of experts in Happiness, mostly Ph.D.’s in.. Read More