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The Happy Documentary

Happy Documentary

This weekend I watched the documentary Happy. Released in 2011, Happy was apparently quite popular, but I hadn’t heard of it until it appeared in my Netflix recommended feed (part of me still finds it incredible that Netflix figured out that a guy that writes a blog called, “The Happiest Man in the World,” would be interested in the Happy documentary). The film interviews a slew of experts in Happiness, mostly Ph.D.’s in.. Read More

Defining Happiness

Defining Happiness

Difficulties of Writing About Happiness One of the difficulties of writing about and pursuing happiness is defining it. Ask anyone what it means “to be happy” and you’ll get a variety of answers that range from synonyms that aren’t really synonyms (to be content versus to be joyful), to philosophical interpretations of virtue to psychological explanations of a pleasant mental state. I’d say that most people who you’d ask to define happiness have.. Read More